What does the GCS service do?
The service provides you with a complete web site that allows debtors to log on, review their account, pay in full, negotiate or set up a payment plan, and execute payments on the spot via ACH, Credit Card, promise to pay or PayPal (coming soon). (ACH and Credit Card processing require agreements with third parties.)
Do I have to have a website already up and operational?
No, GCS will provide a website as part of the service. If you already have a website we will work with your current website.
Will it work with my collection software or will I have to buy new software?
You will not have to purchase any new software. GCS service complements any in-house software.
How long will it take to get our company started?
GCS can set you up in as little as a couple of days. Please refer to how it works for more information.
What if I do not want to offer a discount to debtors?
You do not have to offer any discounts. You determine the negotiation parameters. The system is completely customizable per account and per portfolio.
What if I offer one portfolio a larger discount than other portfolios?
You can set parameters that will customize each account within each portfolio if you choose.
What if I do not want to offer an installment plan?
You do not have to offer an installment plan. You may require payment in full if you desire.
What if the debtor tries to renegotiate the debt after making an initial agreement?
Once a debtor agrees to a payment/payment plan the debtor cannot go back and modify the agreement without first contacting your offices.
What if a debtor defaults on a payment plan?
The system will cancel any further payments and render the settlement void. You can later allow the debtor to renegotiate or pay in full.
How do I know that a debtor has agreed to a payment?
You can download reports reflecting who has paid and by what means.
How secure is the negotiation system?
The GCS system uses the same security levels as online banks. For more details please see Security page.
What do I do if a debtor has called our office and settled over the phone, or mailed in a settlement?
You can easily remove the account from the GCS system.
How do I upload accounts to the system?
First you have to create a text file with the account information which is easily done in Excel. The simplest way to upload the account file is to open a web browser, log on to your site, click on the "Upload" button, select the file you created in Excel and wait for the confirmation e-mail.
Are you GLBA and FDCPA compliant?
Yes, we as a service provider are compliant. However, it is up to each individual client to ensure that their customization of the product adheres to GLBA and the FDCPA.
How do I get a demo account?
You contact GCS and we will set you up with a demo account you can start using today.
Does my company have to be a certain size to benefit from this service?
No. In fact we have services to fit any size company. Whether you are a large, medium or small company we have the services and abilities to fit your needs.

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