Increased profit, lower variable cost and reliability are just some of the reasons collection agency owners like the GCS service...

Increased Profit
  • Variable cost of Internet collection is significantly lower than any other medium.
  • Works 24/7/365 with no human engagement.
  • Keep significantly more of what you collect.
Virtually No Risk
  • No upfront cost to purchase, develop or operate technology.
  • Performance-based fee schedule with minimal out-of-pocket expenses.
  • No long term commitment.
  • Mature and established technology used in online banking.
Online Payments
  • Debit payments processed directly through ACH network.
  • Real-time credit card processing.
  • More efficient - does not require human intervention.
  • Organized reporting and bookkeeping.
Tap New Markets
  • Significantly increase profit on small debt which is traditionally expensive to collect.
  • Leverage minimal variable collection cost when processing hard to collect accounts.
  • Offset the risk of purchasing bad debt with the low collection cost.
Expanded Business Without Committing to Additional Human Resources or Business Space
  • Like extra collectors, but without the cost or hassle.
  • No long term commitment, workers' comp, payroll taxes, training, turnover, ramp-up period.
  • Much more cost effective than adding even one additional collector.
  • No additional office space required, no additional phone lines.
Competitive Advantage When Bidding for New Business
  • Advanced technology and new medium provide barrier to entry for the competition.
  • Technologically advanced customers (larger customers) appreciate automation and simplification of the business process.
  • Seamless and streamlined integration with customers' existing information systems.
Outclass Competition
  • Provide more services and new media for less than basic offering from the competition.
  • Show that you care for your customers' interests and bottom line.
Customer Retention Through New and Advanced Services
  • Customers appreciate extra features, especially when they drive the cost down.
  • Less chance of customers switching to competition without online ability.
  • Undercut competition as a retention mechanism without your bottom line suffering.
Web Presence

Your collection agency immediately becomes an online collection agency. If you already have a web page, we integrate seamlessly with it.

The Big Picture

Not sure how it works? Check out below where GCS fits relative to your business...

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