IT decision makers find ASP business model a great alternative to the expensive in-house development...

Increased Productivity Through ASP (Application Service Provider) Business Model
  • No hardware or software to buy, no new employees to hire.
  • Seamless integration - simple and flexible data exchange.
  • Immediate business results - minimal setup time.
  • Automatic updates and improvements - complements any size IT department.
Banking-Grade Secure Environment
  • N-tier application.
  • Data protection.
  • Secure communication (SSL, PGP, client/server certificates, etc.).
  • Intrusion detection and network monitoring.
Access to Advanced Technology Typically Reserved for Large Corporations
  • Experts in probabilistic machine learning.
  • R&D atop of IT.
  • Real-time connections to credit reporting agencies.
  • Real-time payment processing.
Fully Customizable
  • Advanced modular design with clear separation of the application tiers.
  • Customizable global "look and feel".
  • Customizable collection process, from login to receipt.
  • Special-request components and functionality available through custom upgrades.
  • Advanced B2B connectivity on the backend available through custom upgrades.
Ease of Use

Getting data in and out of the system is extreamly easy; if you have a web browser you can do it. Advanced searching and reporting at your fingertips allow you to track performance in real-time.

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