Debtors and users appreciate the privacy and 24/7 availability of the GCS service...

Resolves Debt Without Talking to a Debt Collector
  • Collectors carry a bad reputation for being aggressive, unsympathetic and often rude.
  • Delicate personal situations require patience and flexibility.
  • Embarrassing financial hardship is not easy to share with a collector.
  • It is hard to reach a collector late at night or outside business hours when debtors have the most privacy to make a phone call from their homes.
  • Good debtors only need a way to pay efficiently.
  • Overextended debtors need a way to pay over time.
Online Payments
  • Online banking is one of the fastest growing segments of the financial services industry.
  • More and more people prefer doing business online.
  • No working hours, no mail delays, no tellers to deal with, no hassle.
  • Immediate record of payment.
Interactive Payment Plan Negotiator
  • Many good debtors are willing to pay, but do not have the necessary funds to pay at once.
  • Trying to negotiate a plan with a collector can be frustrating, humiliating and ineffective.
  • When personal situation suddenly changes (divorce, illness, loss of job, etc.) a payment plan might be the only option.
  • Payment plan is a longer term commitment and debtors appreciate no pressure approach in negotiating it on their own terms from the privacy of their home.
  • Debtors are more likely to honor a plan they negotiated themselves.
Payment Plans

Debtors can qualify for payment plans and even make their own counteroffers...

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