Creditors servicing pre charge-off delinquent accounts have an additional leverage when using the GCS service...

Reduced Charge-Offs Through In-House Pre-Collection
  • Virtually no risk - minimal upfront cost.
  • Minimal operational cost, no IT resources required.
  • Have your own delinquency resolution portal.
  • Minimize charge-off rate by helping customers in early delinquency negotiate sustainable repayment terms.
  • Handle easy debtors in-house and prevent charge-off of delinquent accounts.
Customer Retention Through Respectful and Accommodating Treatment
  • Do not alienate debtors through aggressive collections practices or early charge-off.
  • Delinquent debtors likely to return in sub-prime portfolio.
  • Tie current debt repayment with benefits of future credit, e.g., offer future sub-prime credit line if debt repaid under more favorable conditions.
  • Offer debt relief, e.g., reduced APR for a period of time instead of charge-off.
  • Leverage credit reporting capability and consequences of bad credit to negotiate better debt repayment.
Increased Post Charge-Off Profit Through Use of Internet-Enabled Collection Agencies
  • Use third-party collection agency for hard to reach debtors and post charge-off accounts.
  • Get better pricing for debt collected through personalized self-collection.
  • Increase response rate with non-intrusive, discreet and respectful technology.
  • Maximize collected amount through automated debt negotiation.
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